We bring 2022 to a close with a 15% increase in our turnover

We bring 2022 to a close with a 15% increase in our turnover

07 - 12 - 2022

This week we have been the featured company of the week in the Diari de Sabadell newspaper. The report analysed the milestones we have reached in 2022 and takes a look at how we work.

Being a group of companies with an international outlook, with offices in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, does not mean that we are not keen on the local media. This is why we are particularly thrilled that Diari de Sabadell, a newspaper from the city that is home to AIS Vision Systems, our company, has devoted a special report to us. 

These are the key points of the report, which was drawn up by an interview with Jose Racionero, chief executive of AIS Vision Systems:

We have increased our turnover by 15% 

We expect to bring 2022 to a close with a 15% increase in turnover with respect to 2021. 

This will result in a turnover totalling nearly 2.3 million euros this 2022, the highest figure in the company’s history.

How can we overcome the obstacles of the global economic situation?

Mr. Racionero explains in the interview that we have had to conduct a warehouse review to adapt to the current economic situation:

“2022 has been good in terms of sales numbers, but we are not immune to the general situation. The delays in the delivery of materials have meant we have had to postpone projects and seen how the prices of electronic devices have risen by almost 10%. To the above we also have to add the increases in fuel and energy prices.”

Sustainability, part of our success

One of the keys to our success has been our commitment to sustainable energy. This has helped us to reduce our electricity and fuel costs.

Our facilities in the Can Roqueta industrial estate are equipped with photovoltaic solar panels and we also use hybrid and electric vehicles

We have always sought to make a firm commitment to sustainability, because we know that it benefits everyone, including ourselves, but above all, the planet.

What does the future look like for AIS Vision Systems?

Innovation: part of our past, present and future

Jose Racionero also explains that innovation forms part of the philosophy of AIS Vision Systems

By 2023 we will have access to public funding as an innovative company and this will open up new channels for us for research and development.

Deep learning, a sector on the rise

Another area we will continue to enhance is deep learning. These artificial intelligence algorithms can automate industrial processes at inconceivable levels. 

It is a booming sector in which we can boast specialisation and experience and one we will further our commitment to in the coming years.

We recommend reading the entire report in Diari de Sabadell if you are interested in finding out more information.