Check printed designs for defects on rolls and continuous stock

Machine vision inspection will ensure optimal quality control. In addition, it shall ensure compliance with the requirements of current regulations.

  • Inspection of all type of components, from flaws in the substrate to erroneous codes or data
  • Quality control in packaging and labelling
  • Detection of possible differences of a sample against a validated standard

Ensure high print quality that meets your customers' expectations

Machine vision systems can really bring you places:

  • ISO verification of the quality of printed barcodes and data matrix.
  • 100% secure error detection and sorting of printed products.
  • Inline and offline solutions thanks to the Global Vision system.
  • Global Vision’s cylindrical scanner checks containers with this shape and automatically compares them with the approved samples.
  • Comparison of materials containing graphic components.
  • Proofreading and spell-checking.
  • Braille inspection.
  • Printing proof inspection, Security Module, Audit Trail and e-signature.
  • Outcome reports.
  • Machine vision systems adapted to the extent of the material to be controlled.

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