Automate and streamline production with vision-guided robots

Have robots work autonomously during production and improve inventory control

  • Pick and Place
    Machine vision systems for Pick and Place (also with feeders). Thanks to our vision cameras, the robots will know when, how and where to pick up a product on the production line. They will be fully guided.
  • Bin Picking
    Machine vision systems for Bin Picking, using 3D vision technology. Robots will be able to detect where a part or product is, whatever its position, and relocate it intelligently. This will allow them to work uninterruptedly and unattended, thanks to their high precision. The vision sensors they use are highly secure, preventing damage.
  • Palletising
    Machine vision systems for palletising that will allow you to improve inventory control, grouping processes, storage, loading and unloading of products.

Vision-guided robots, a precise and secure system to improve productivity

Machine vision systems can really bring you places:

  • Integration of cobots or collaborative robots, designed to interact or collaborate with people.
  • Automation of repetitive and manual tasks, gaining in precision and productivity.
  • Increased productivity by automating the loading and unloading of parts.
  • On-board camera, which will allow multiple photos of the product to be taken at various angles. Ideal for objects with unusual or complex shapes.

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