More than just machine vision system specialists

Our team consists of engineers, technicians, developers and others. But above all, we are people. It is clear to us that sustainability, equality and respect are a fundamental part of our work.

We always approach our projects from the perspective of sustainability, in order to minimise the impact on the planet. Would you like to be more sustainable?

How can you be more sustainable with machine vision systems?

  • You will be able to detect production line errors early on, which will avoid having to repeat production
  • You will reduce waste and losses (toxins, solvents, plastic, organic matter, etc.)
  • We will help you comply with all environmental regulations and industry standards in force.

What are we doing to be more sustainable and egalitarian?

  • Our facilities are equipped with aerothermal systems, an air conditioning system that allows us to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions.
  • We have installed 25kw of photovoltaic power at our facilities
  • We have electric vehicle charging points for our team. We also have parking for bicycles and electric scooters at our premises.
  • We donate to causes that we think are just, such as Open Arms, SUMA+ or the Food Bank. All employees decide together where donations are to be made.
  • We encourage recycling and avoid the use of paper.
  • Our toilets are genderless.
  • We have two annual events with the whole team, where we have a great time travelling to a European capital to deepen our relationship while doing sport or a team activity.
What are we doing to be more sustainable and egalitarian?
What are we doing to be more sustainable and egalitarian?

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