Accurately control product dimensions with our metrology systems

Thanks to machine vision applied to metrology, you will be able to calibrate machines with a high level of precision or detect errors in the parts dimensions.

  • Exhaustive control over measurements, so that nothing gets overlooked.
  • Demonstrable metrological traceability
  • Machine vision applied to the production line, so that everything is automated.

More efficient and reliable industrial metrology thanks to machine vision

Machine vision systems can really bring you places:

  • Inspection of measurement errors, relative errors and systematic errors. Dimension-based quality control will ensure that nothing is left to chance.
  • Calculation of the uncertainty value associated with each measurement.
  • Accurate and reliable results in any automated measurement thanks to machine vision cameras.
  • The certainty and security that the equipment used in a healthcare process meets the necessary quality requirements.
  • Dosage control in pharmaceuticals and medical products.
  • Increased quality of processes and medicines through metrology.

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