Prevent injection moulding defects that cause metal and plastic burrs

Detect injection defects and material excess or shortage during production, preventing a defective product from reaching your customer

  • 100% control of production, not just random samples.
  • Identification of defects during production, so that you have time to react.
  • Deliver flawless products to your customers. So that they are always satisfied.

Anticipate injection defects that cause excess or missing product

Machine vision systems can really bring you places:

  • Products with no burrs or threads or poorly finished. Avoid metal and plastic burrs.
  • Impeccable parts, avoiding problems with the assembly with other components they are fitted with.
  • Interior and exterior analysis of the parts.
  • Detection of surface flaring and defects.
  • Detection of injector problems, being able to know if it has run out of raw material.
  • Incident control during production, to avoid noticing incidents too late, when they have already affected a large production volume and may even have to be redone.
  • High-precision machine vision system for the control of plastic injection moulded parts. You will avoid plastic burrs.
  • System comprised of compact matrix cameras or a high-power multi-camera system.
  • Compliance with your customer’s requirements, which will help you to build customer loyalty and gain their trust.

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