High-precision deep learning software. Guarantee your customers maximum reliability.

Rosepetal is a machine vision software suite with supervised learning using convolutional neural networks.

High-precision deep learning software. Guarantee your customers maximum reliability.
  • Easy-to-use UI and cloud platform for neural network training.
  • Includes a No-Code option for customizing image preprocessing, prediction, and logical post-processing of processes.
  • Facilitates compliance with industry regulations and enables integration with devices and applications through Connectors and APIs.
  • Suitable for any camera you have available.

Deep learning and machine vision: even greater precision and sensitivity

Get solid results with a high degree of confidence and high recovery rates:

  • Detection of defects in organic products, PCBs or cables
  • High-powered optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Product classification by size, colour, shape or any other feature.

Revolutionize Quality Control: Rosepetal’s Visionary Edge.

Typical problems

  • Complex products and processes in industries like food, automotive, and textile pose
    quality control challenges. Traditional computer vision falls short in detecting defects
    due to variations, intricate patterns, and difficult lighting.
  • Slow and laborious conventional algorithms for irregular objects hinder efficiency,
    traceability, and cost-effectiveness, compromising product quality.
  • Our advanced solution combines cutting-edge computer vision with machine
    learning. It ensures superior quality control, accurate defect detection, and efficient
    processes, reducing costs and ensuring top-notch products.

Our Solution

  • Rosepetal’s technology enables rapid and effective automated quality control solutions.
    No need for experts or complex hardware, with high adaptability to changes in lighting,
  • Our solution empowers end-users to train quality control applications in the cloud and
    deploy the model for local application (edge computing) or perform inference for each
    new image in the cloud (cloud computing). format, or color of analyzed parts.

Business Model

  • Software Licences
  • Customization Services
  • Training and Support
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Maintenance

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