Achieve optimum quality control in the packaging production process

Attain the perfect filling and capping of containers and control accurate labelling and traceability.

  • Motion control
  • Capping control
  • Filling level control
  • Label inspection

Quality control in the production process, made easier with machine vision systems

Machine vision systems can really bring you places:

  • Capping control, to ensure that the container is perfectly sealed. Machine vision systems will perform a quality control of the bottle cap and mouth.
  • Filling level control, both in transparent and opaque bottles.
  • Inspection of labels, to ensure that they are correctly affixed. 360º container inspection and wrap-around label inspection.
  • Control of tray and tin sealing.
  • Recognition of empty bottles.
  • Bottle counts in boxes.
  • Package orientation (circular and non-circular)
  • Inspection of boxes.
  • Detection of foreign objects in containers.
  • Control of the presence of manuals or accessories in the packages.
  • Code inspection.
  • Rejection of containers on the production line
  • Separation of containers on the production line
  • Packaging traceability

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