Avoid errors on the production line with automated cross-reference checking

More than one product on the same production line can lead to problems, such as production mix-ups. This can be remedied with an automated cross-reference check.

  • Food industry
    You will avoid mixing ingredients and preparations. For example, avoid mixing gluten products with gluten-free products.
  • Pharmaceutical industry
    You will control key aspects, such as ensuring that medicine leaflets are not mixed up.
  • Other industries
    In sectors such as the automotive industry, for example, many different parts are processed on the same production line. You will have control over all the parts so there are no mistakes.

We advise you on how to prevent crossing up references during production, whatever your sector

Cross-reference control can really take you places:

  • Avoid boxing up the wrong packages.
  • Prevent one product from being contaminated with another on the same production line, creating cross-contamination problems.
  • Avoid using the wrong packaging, if your supplier has sent you mixed references.

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