Preventive maintenance on the production line: avoid errors and improve productivity

Preventive maintenance on the production line: avoid errors and improve productivity

15 - 12 - 2022

At AIS Vision Systems, we stand by your company before, during and after the implementation of our systems. And not only that, we offer a preventive maintenance service to ensure that no problems will be experienced on the production line.

They say it is better to be safe than sorry. And we couldn’t agree more. With preventive maintenance, companies have the assurance of having everything under control. We can anticipate possible mistakes and make the right improvements before they cause problems on the production line.

What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is a process based on the inspection of a company’s automation systems and electronic, mechanical or computer equipment to prevent or minimise potential errors.

These errors could mean having to repeat a production run or having to stop it, for example. Therefore, preventive maintenance is key to having a smooth and effective production line. 

Inspections are carried out systematically and allow problems to be detected that are caused by the wear and tear of the machinery itself, by errors in some of the system components or by the passage of time.

Preventive maintenance with AIS Vision Systems

A service available when you need it

Each business is a world, with its particular features and needs. At AIS Vision Systems, we adapt to your pace to carry out preventive maintenance tasks. 

We ensure that the production line can keep up without being affected by preventive maintenance.

When the company stops, we work

When production lines take a break or stops due to a change in production, it is an excellent time to do preventive maintenance tasks. 

We can take advantage of these temporary pauses to make changes or improvements to the production line. This means there will be minimal alterations in the normal operation of the factory.

Monitoring and support

Apart from preventive maintenance, at AIS Vision Systems we also resolve any incidents that our equipment may experience and any technical queries about the systems that we ourselves have implemented for you. 

If, in the future, the company has new requirements, we advise you to find the best solution when it comes to automating your company’s systems.

Benefits of preventive maintenance

Anticipation of unforeseen events

Surprises are not usually welcome on a production line. These usually result in errors that slow down production and should therefore be avoided at all costs. 

With preventive maintenance, you will have the ability to anticipate unforeseen events. You will be able to detect if there is a chance that a system will fail and be able to fix it before you have to stop production unexpectedly. 

On-time deliveries 

Prevention is also synonymous with greater productivity. By being able to get ahead of mistakes, you won’t have to repeat production runs. And this will allow you to make on-time deliveries to your customers, increasing their satisfaction with your services.

This commitment to offering a quality and reliable service is the best tool for your customers’ loyalty; they will trust your company and your products.

Cutting costs

Since we will have the ability to anticipate problems, this will mean that errors in the systems are less serious. This translates into lower repair costs. In fact, anticipating problems can save the company from having to purchase new machinery, as it has been able to fix the one it already has in time.

It should also be borne in mind that preventive maintenance means you can have maximum control of the production line, avoiding errors and having to repeat entire production runs. 

Increased safety in the work environment

Ensuring that the machinery works correctly on a production line also makes it safer for workers. Preventive maintenance will make the company’s facilities safer, minimising occupational accidents.

Would you like to apply preventive maintenance to your company? Contact us and we will advise you.